Meet The Team

Craig Taylor

Coach and Owner

Craig is a coach and owner here at United Strength. He is all about balance, with as much emphasis on the mental as he does the physical elements of healthy living.

He believes that United Strength should help to fulfil basic psychological needs by enabling a community to which members feel like they belong, can enjoy socialising with friends, offering direction and focus on a common goal and building confidence. 

Callum Morey

Coach and Owner

Callum is a coach and owner here at United Strength. He is a strong believer in a balanced approach to fitness with a focus on solid fundamentals and nutrition. Author of our core programming with the guidance of some of the most creative minds in functional fitness, as well as specialised programs and nutrition plans for our members, Callum is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to living a healthy life.

Denise Morey


Denise is a coach, yoga instructor and mobility wizard. She is as much at home throwing around some heavy weights in an olympic lifting session as she is getting bendy in a yoga class. 

Her approach and knowledge are the perfect addition to the United Strength team. Flexibility and mobility are as important as strength and conditioning. That is why Denise plays a vital role in ensuring United Strength members stay mobile and injury free.



Rochana is a coach and all round nice person here at United Strength. She’s a strong believer in good mechanics and technique, something evident from her flawless barbell and gymnastic work. She’s a stickler for process and is a great at bringing out the best in all those that attend her classes

She as much at home lifting some heavy weight as much as she is learning new gymnastics skill on the bar or rings. With her unique coaching style, great energy and bucketloads of encouragement and motivation, Rochana is a great addition to the United Strength team. Focus, solid fundamentals and a strong community are all core values at United Strength. Rochana embodies them all.

Bill Simms

Personal Trainer and Coach

Bill is a personal trainer and coach who’s passion for both strongman and functional fitness is evident in the enthusiasm he brings to each class. 

A friendly and knowledgeable guy, he is the perfect addition to the United Strength team, providing our members with a unique coaching style, and years of experience in CrossFit, functional fitness and Strongman that will ensure you get the most out of your sessions at United Strength.

Bill and Shirley run MoveStrong, independent Strongman classes taking place at United Strength. Checkout our classes section to learn more. 

Shirley Mullen

Personal Trainer and Coach

Shirley is a personal trainer and coach who specialises in modified Strongman and Strongwoman training. As quite possibly the friendliest and kindest person you could meet, Shirley creates a relaxed and inclusive class environment for all United Strength members. 

While she enjoys all components of function fitness, she has a real passion for weightlifting and Strongman training. Checkout our classes section to learn more about MoveStrong, operated by Shirley and Bill. Shirley will be offering female only sessions and mixed Strongman programmes. She will also be available for group bookings on request.

Joshua Daniel

Personal Trainer and Coach

Josh is a personal trainer and coach with over a decades experience. He has a real passion for bodybuilding and strength and conditioning which is obvious in the expertise and excitement he brings to each session.

He believes in helping people to maintain a healthy relationship with both food and exercise and by doing so, to create happier, healthier, stronger and more confident individuals. Get in touch to book your personal training sessions with Josh.

Dale Johns

Personal Trainer and Coach

Dale is a personal trainer and coach with great knowledge and experience helping people to see the improvements the desire.

Run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, throw further, push harder – whatever a persons intent, Dale knows hold to make the adaptations needed to reach your goals.

He believes that by finding purpose in the pursuit of fitness, and by making the process exciting and enjoyable is key to seeing tangible results. Get in touch to book your personal training sessions with Dale.

Alex Reynolds

Personal Trainer and Coach

Alex is a personal trainer and a coach with a decade of experience. Alex has the experience and the knowledge of getting the best out of the human body. Lifting heavier, running faster or jumping higher is what we all want, but poor mechanics, decreasing aches and pains and eliminating weaknesses or imbalances are prerequisites to sustainable progress. This is Alex’s area. of expertise.

The better you move, the better you perform. So understanding the mechanics of the human body concerning strength and conditioning training is fundamental to getting the best outcome from your workout. Alex will teach you to move better, which will help you train harder and smarter.